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Macedonian Lullabies

The rich musical heritage of Macedonia is rooted in the melodious traditions of everyday life, most strongly expressed during major life-defining moments, such as births, funerals, weddings and baptisms.

To catalog and archive Macedonia's oldest oral traditions the Lullabies project begun in May 2003 when cradles songs were recorded in remote villages throughout Macedonia sung acappella, by older women who are the living music libraries of Macedonia.

From over thirty collected songs, 12 will be used in the publishing of an audio CD which will include translations of the songs in English, a brief background of each song, its origins, when it was first used/heard, who wrote it and the custom to which it relates.

In this way, we hope to bring the music and customs of Macedonia closer to worldwide audiences and document the country’s cultural diversity.

To contribute to this project, please email us an audio or a text file of a lullaby you know -