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Promoting Macedonian cultural heritage, one project at a time!
Projects & Events - 2012

Inspired by an old attribute to the biblical land of Macedonia, the collection was named Catena Mundi, which means “lock of the world.” The reference has been made because the land of Macedonia connects the tectonic plates of Europe and Asia.

A crossroad for conquerors and the birthplace of one of the world’s great alphabets, the Cyrillic, Macedonia’s cultural beauty encompasses fresco arts, woodcarving, and the filigree art which was the inspiration for this collection.

Young Macedonian brides wore hand carved silver jewelry on their wedding day that reflected the simplicity and strength of the Macedonian woman and the enduring cultural spirit of the land.

The collection was developed exclusively for the Macedonian Arts Council.

© ™ 2012 MAC

About the Artist

Holiday Manning is an artist who lives on a small farm on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. She create one of a kind pieces, mostly bohemian-style jewelry that she markets at art fairs and sells wholesale to boutiques. She believes in making quality, statement pieces that are beautiful, have depth, meaning, texture, pattern, and whimsy.