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Projects & Events - 2010
The Exhibit: Young Brides, Old Shirts: Macedonian Embroidered Dress
The Cultural Program: “Avenue East” with percussionist Polly Tapia Ferber
The Art Show: Connecting Cultures Through the Artist’ Brush Strokes

The folk art of Macedonia is one of strongest and the most impressive artistic expressions of its native people. The abundance of beauty and skill in national folk costumes is a true testimony to the creativity of female Macedonian designers, who made their own clothing with great artistry, expressing the spirit of the times in which they lived.

Handmade throughout the centuries, traditional costumes embrace traits of the diverse cultures that at one time or another dominated in this part of South Eastern Europe - Ancient Macedonian, Slavonic, Byzantine, Ottoman and Western. The historical periods can sometimes be read through the typology, design, cut and the decoration of particular article of clothing. Hand woven wool, cottons and silk textiles exhibit rich and intricate embroidery in a great variety of colors and designs, unique for each region or even, each village.

These beautiful and priceless artifacts have finally found a world stage, a visible platform and an opportunity to be appreciated beyond the borders of the Republic of Macedonia.

In 2005, The Macedonian Arts Council initiated the creation of a collection of Macedonian Folk Costumes to the renowned Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico and MOIFA is now a permanent home for one of the largest, most beautiful, and comprehensive collections of Macedonian Embroidered Dress in the Western Hemisphere.

Footage for the video courtesy of the Macedonian Heritage Hour, Toronto, Canada.