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Projects & Events - 2002


Lake Prespa  and the  'Large City'  island

DOORS was a collaborative Internet-based art project initiated in 2003 when Internet laboratories were installed in three local high schools in border villages in Macedonia, Greece and Albania and secondary school children were introduced to the power of wireless communication and digital technology. Using cell phones donated by Motorola, children in the villages of Ljubojno, Goricë e Vogël (original Slav name Dolna Gorica) and Άγιος Γερμανός (Agios Germanos; original Slav name German) in the remote villages photographed local doors to document the disappearing local architecture.

These children share common borders and similar cultural and historical pasts, their lives forever intertwined and mutually affected by the geographic proximity and the economic conditions in which they live. The also offered an opportunity for individual excellence and initiative in a team setting, as all of the participating children participated in the selection of the doors to be photographed and the final photographs to be used for the virtual exhibit.

In its initial stages, Doors was funded by Schools Online, a US-based non-profit organization committed to the idea of “connecting children on the Internet, one school at the time.” In 2004, The Video Professor Inc., Mobimak and The Dominic Foundation joined as sponsors of Doors.

These companies’ commitment to the world community and their leadership in building a better world for future generations will ring especially true for these children living in one of the most remote, and cut-off from the modern world. Through “the doors of the Internet”, these children were introduced to the digital world.


The village of Ljubojno - REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA


The village of Vogel (Dolna Gorica) - REPUBLIC OF ALBANIA


The village of Agios Germanos (German) - REPUBLIC OF GREECE